Wizz Air receives a new generation Airbus A320neo

Wizz Air received the first aircraft of the new generation Airbus A320neo, which allows it to carry more passengers and save fuel.

The plane arrived from Toulouse, where it was assembled, at the airline’s base in Budapest on May 29, received the Hungarian registration HA-LJA and the next day began to perform four and then six flights a day.

The airline notes that the first A320neo became the 122nd aircraft in its fleet, the average age of which is now 5.4 years.

Neo in the name of the airliner stands for new engine options. It is the new engine that is one of the main differences from the old generation A320. It has a noticeably larger diameter, which allows you to immediately identify a new type of aircraft.

In addition to special wingtips, it provides up to 20% fuel savings, which improves flight economics and can potentially lower ticket prices.

Compared to the base model, the A320neo can accommodate up to six additional seats, increasing the total capacity of the cabin to 186 seats. This is the layout Wizz Air chose. However, this was done by redesigning the cabin, which is why the toilets were moved to the kitchen and reduced in size.

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