Turkish Airlines will resume international flights in the summer

Turkish Airlines has prepared a draft flight plan for June, July, and August. They reported this on the official website of the company.

Earlier, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline decided to suspend domestic flights until May 20 and international flights until May 28.

It is known that the airline plans to launch domestic flights in June and move to a phased restoration of international flights.

According to the three-month flight plan, in June 75 flights a week will be operated at 22 points in 19 countries.

Flights will be made to Toronto, Almaty, Kabul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels, Minsk, Tbilisi, Beirut, Kuwait, Tel Aviv.

In June, it is planned to continue all flights within the country, at the first stage regular flights, will be operated at 60%. Turkish Airlines plans to increase the number of flights in July and August. The company plans to fly 572 flights a week to 103 points in 74 countries in July and 937 flights a week to 160 points in 98 countries in August.

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