Tupolev TU-204-100

Tu-204-100 is a medium-haul passenger aircraft developed at the ATK Tupolev. The aircraft is a modification of the original Tu-204 model, characterized by increased take-off mass and fuel supply, it became possible to use the aircraft on longer airlines. In 1995, the aircraft was certified according to the standards of the Aviaregister of Russia.

There is a cargo modification Tu-204-110C with a side cargo door measuring 3.4 x 2.18 m. In the main cargo compartment, 14 pallets can be transported and 12 containers 2AK-0.7 simultaneously in the two lower cargo compartments. The floor of the cargo compartment is equipped with ball panels, roller tracks, and other material handling equipment. The maximum payload is 25.2 tons, and the range with it is 4700 km. With the participation of Western firms, the Tu-204-120 variant was developed, on which Rolls-Royce RB211 -535Е4 turbofan engines are used. The equipment of the aircraft is similar to the equipment used on the Tu-204. At the request of the customer, the satellite radio system SAT-906 and the collision avoidance system TCAS can be installed.


  • Modification Tu-204-100
  • Wingspan, m 42.00
  • Length, m 46.22
  • Height, m 13.88
  • Wing Area, m2 182.4
  • Weight kg empty plane 58300; maximum take-off 103,000
  • Fuel, l 32000
  • Engine type 2 turbofan engines Soloviev PS-90A
  • Thrust, kgs 2 x 16140
  • Cruising speed, km / h 850
  • Economy speed, km / h 810
  • Practical range, km 6500
  • Range with maximum load, km 5200
  • Practical ceiling, m 12600
  • Crew 3
  • Payload: 168 passengers in a cabin of three classes, 196 passengers in a cabin of two classes, 210 passengers in an economy class, or 21,000 kg of cargo.
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