The ramp drove into an A320 at the Mumbai airport

The Airbus A320 sustained damage at Mumbai Airport after a gangway torn by gusts of wind hit the wing of a plane, Times Now reported.

“The unpredictable cyclonic storms that swept India created a huge problem for unattended aircraft at airports. Due to strong winds, IndiGo’s VT-IHN aircraft was damaged in Mumbai by a SpiceJet ramp, causing damage to the wing and engine cowling.” – said the representative of the airport.

IndiGo Airlines confirmed the incident.

“This incident occurred early in the morning at Mumbai airport. The SpiceJet ramp was disrupted and damaged a standing plane owned by IndiGo. The incident is being investigated by the relevant authorities,” the airline spokesman said.

In turn, SpiceJet Airlines reported that the ramp was secured next to one of the airline’s planes, wheel chocks were placed under the ramp wheels.

“A sudden strong wind rose around 7.30 in the morning. There were no warnings about bad weather. The SpiceJet gangway, which was firmly secured by wheel chocks, was moved back and hit the right-wing of the IndiGo aircraft,” the airline spokesman said.

The Nisarga cyclone, which took place in the middle of this week in the region, brought rain and strong winds. According to the Indian Meteorological Center, in Mumbai, this weather will last until June 8, after which the rains may increase. As a result of bad weather, the city has the lowest temperature for this time of year – 28 degrees.

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