The head of Qatar Airways considers useless to maintain distance in aircraft

Akbar al-Baker, executive director of Qatar Airways, does not see the point of maintaining social distance on airplanes during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The issue of maintaining the distance, I don’t think it will work on airplanes. It’s unrealistic to maintain a distance of one and a half meters on airplanes. Many doctors say that the virus does not spread through the air, it spreads by the drop. Therefore, the only way is to make the wearing of masks mandatory, gloves, constantly sanitize themselves, and air filters on the plane. “

According to him, now airlines need to invest in disinfection, and Qatar Airways pays a lot of attention to this, using the most advanced means. Also, the airline provides passengers with sanitizers and checks their temperature.

Earlier Monday, the company announced that from May 25, Qatar Airways crews will begin to wear protective suits during flights, and passengers will be required to be in the entire flight wearing medical masks. The carrier plans to resume regular flights by the end of May, increase the number of destinations for flights to 50, and in June to 80.

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