Sukhoi Superjet 100 lands with a failed engine

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) plane landed urgently at Sheremetyevo Airport due to engine failure.

“According to preliminary data, one of the engines in the liner failed. The landing was normal. There were no casualties, ” the source said.

The liner performed a technical flight from the Zhukovsky airport. There were only three pilots on the plane, none of them were injured.

In turn, the press service of the manufacturer “Regional Aircraft” (a branch of the Corporation “Irkut”) reported that the landing was not due to engine failure, it was turned off during the landing according to the instructions.

“There was no engine failure. The temperature sensor worked, and the pilots, according to the protocol, turned off the engine and properly landed the plane at the destination,” the press service said.

In May last year, an aircraft of the same model operated by Aeroflot made a hard landing at Sheremetyevo Airport and caught fire. As a result, 41 people died. After that, the Association of Air Transport Operators demanded to check the SSJ 100 for compliance with certification requirements.

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