Saudi Arabia resumes domestic flights

Saudi Arabia’s General Aviation Authority has announced the resumption of flights from two airports from Ajar and Al-Jawf provinces in the north of the kingdom on Monday, June 1, head of the department Abdel Hadi al-Mansouri told Al-Ihbaria TV channel.

“We are ready to gradually remove restrictions on domestic flights to guarantee safe travel for our passengers through Saudi airports with all precautions taken. Departures from Al-Jawf and Ajar will begin on Monday. The distance between passengers and other precautions will be respected on airplanes.” Al-Mansouri said.

He noted that reports of a rise in the price of tickets for domestic flights by 80% do not correspond to reality.

“We plan to sell tickets through national airlines to cover their operating costs,” he added.

Earlier, the Saudi authorities announced that from May 31 they will begin the gradual abolition of restrictive measures introduced due to coronavirus, including the resumption of domestic flights, which will be fully operational in two weeks. However, the number of patients with coronavirus in the kingdom does not cease to grow rapidly, on Thursday the Saudi Ministry of Health reported that it exceeded 80 thousand people after another 1,644 cases of the disease were detected per day. The number of deaths reached 441 after the death of another 16 people.

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