Ryanair said under what circumstances they will not resume flights

In Europe’s largest low-cost airline, Ryanair hopes to resume 80% of its flights by September. However, the Irish company notes that they will not resume flights if air carriers are obliged to leave the middle seats in the planes free to maintain a social distance.

Most flights will be resumed by the fall if restrictions on flights in Europe are removed before July. This was announced by the company head Michael O’Leary.

  • In July, the company expects 40% of flights with an aircraft load of 50-60%.
  • In August, Ryanair plans to carry out 60% of flights.
  • In September – 80%.

If restrictions are introduced, such as an empty middle seat, they see no reason to resume flights in Ryanair.

We cannot make money at 66 percent load ratios. Even if you do, the middle seat does not give a social distance, so this is an idiotic idea that does not achieve anything, -O’Leary was indignant.

The company has already approached the Irish authorities, warning that either they will be compensated for the cost of empty space, or they will not fly. O’Leary also expressed the hope that all traffic could be restored by the summer of 2021.

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