Ryanair reduces weekly spending to 60 million euros

Ryanair lowered its weekly spending in May to € 60 million, compared to € 200 million in March, a low-cost presentation said.

This indicator was achieved using measures to preserve cash, cut costs, refuse to buy back stocks, and defer current and non-essential investments.

In the current situation, a low-cost can also save on lease payments, since 77% of its fleet is owned by Boeing 737.

Ryanair currently has liquidity of 4.1 billion euros. At the same time, the company was able to receive support from the British authorities of £ 600 million (667 million euros) to pay salaries to staff during downtime.

The airline also intends to review plans for the development of its subsidiary Laudamotion in Austria. As one of the measures, the closure of the base with A320 airplanes in Vienna is considered, if the management cannot agree with staff and trade unions on reducing labor costs.

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