Ryanair made a profit of 1 billion euros in 2020

Ryanair made a net profit of € 1 billion in the fiscal year 2020, which ended March 31, 2020, a low-cost presentation said. This indicator increased by 13% compared to 2019.

The number of passengers carried amounted to 148.6 million, which is 4% more than in 2019. The actual figure was 5 million less than planned since, in March 2020, Ryanair began to reduce the number of flights due to restrictions on flights.

The total revenue of the airline over the past year increased by 10% and amounted to 8.49 billion euros. Ryanair earned 5.56 billion euros (+ 6%) on ticket sales and 2.93 billion euros (+ 20%) on additional services.

The average tariff in fiscal 2020 increased by 2% and amounted to 37 euros. On additional services, Ryanair earned 20 euros in terms of each passenger, which is 16% more than a year earlier. The total revenue from each client increased by 6% to 57 euros.

Where did Ryanair spend money in fiscal year 2020?

  • Fuel: 2.76 billion euros
  • Airport fees and handling costs: € 1.14 billion
  • Personnel costs: 1.11 billion euros
  • Air navigation: 736 million euros
  • Depreciation: 748.7 million euros
  • Marketing, distribution: 578.8 million euros
  • Maintenance, repair, and parts: 256.4 million euros
  • Aircraft rental: 38.2 million euros

Total operating expenses: 7.37 billion euros

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