Ryanair declares war on several major airlines

Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary accuses German Lufthansa and prepares to sue as rivals receive generous state aid in connection with the pandemic, Postimees writes.

The Irish low-cost airline has challenged a series of government assistance measures that favor national airlines but deprive Ryanair of subsidies and now challenges Lufthansa, as Germany and several other countries are ready to invest billions of euros in Europe’s largest airline in a century.

O’Leary intends to file a complaint with the European Commission on this issue, as well as to challenge the French government’s support for Air France and Sweden’s allocation of funds for the SAS, which Brussels has already approved.

The head of the Irish airline also believes that since the Italians once again decided to save Alitalia, and Ryanair is the largest carrier in this country (34-35 percent of the market), they should give him at least 4 billion euros in support.

“Lufthansa climbs everywhere like a drunk uncle at the end of a wedding, drinking the rest of the vodka from empty glasses. They cannot handle it themselves. And we don’t want government assistance, but we are forced to compete in the market not only with one hand behind our backs but also with both those connected, ”said Michael O’Leary.

This is not the first Irish protest during the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. O’Leary twice protested against 455 million euros of support from the Swedish government for local airlines. The history of his disputes with the European Commission is eventful. Over the past 25 years, he has 25 times expressed his protest over the decisions of Brussels. The most heated debate was when British Airways swallowed AerLingus.

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