Robinson R22

Robinson R22 is a commercial light two-seater helicopter of the company “Robinson Helicopter”, USA. The prototype R22 took off for the first time on 08/28/1975. More than 3,000 of these helicopters operate in 60 countries. The latest model of this helicopter is called R22 BetaII.

It is equipped with a Lycoming O360 gasoline piston engine, adapted for use at temperatures from −30 to +40 degrees Celsius, a guaranteed raid up to overhaul of 2200 hours, navigation equipment makes it possible to fly at any time of the day. A characteristic feature of the controls of this model, like other Robinson helicopters, is the T-shaped handle of the cyclic step.


  • Number of seats: 1
  • Number of crew members: 1
  • Echelon Speed: 175km / h
  • Range: 385km
  • Take-off weight: 635kg
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