Pilots of the PIA A320 reported a technical problem before the crash

Pilots of Pakistan International Airlines A320 crashed in Pakistan reported a technical problem.

“Flight PK 8303 departed from Lahore at 8:05. At 09:34, the aircraft attempted to land, but at an altitude of 275 feet (83 meters) the attempt was canceled and the aircraft rose to an altitude of 3175 feet (967 meters). The signal was lost at 9:40, already at an altitude of 525 feet (160 meters), ”the Flightradar24 service reports.

According to preliminary data held by the International Flight Safety Advisory, when landing, the A320 had problems with landing gear, and the crew left for the second round. When performing a second approach, the crew transmitted a “Disaster Disaster” signal due to a failure of both engines.

The fact that the pilots of the Pakistani plane during the last conversation with the dispatchers reported a problem with the engine was also written on their Twitter page by a Pakistani pilot and singer Fakhr-e-Alam.

The plane lost altitude and crashed in the Model Colony residential quarter. The crew flew from Lahore, onboard were 90 passengers and 8 crew members.

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