Pawnee Chief

Pawnee Chief is a lightweight American helicopter designed in 2005 by the aircraft manufacturer Pawnee Aviation.

The helicopter model Pawnee Chief began to be developed by the American aircraft manufacturer Pawnee Aviation in the early 2000s. The aircraft itself was designed based on a single-seat aircraft model Pawnee Warrior, however, only a few previous developments were taken as the basis, and in general, the helicopter design underwent several significant changes, including those affecting both the appearance and the technical part.

The Pawnee Chief aircraft is inherently a full-fledged private aircraft capable of carrying both people and small loads on its board, which makes it very efficient, while the cost of the model itself is very low, which provided the aircraft with high demand among consumers.

The Pawnee Chief helicopter made its first flight in December 2005, and since all test tests were passed by the aircraft very successfully, this model went into serial production. Initially, the production of aircraft model Pawnee Chief was carried out as a ready-to-operate aircraft, but later, to minimize the cost of this vehicle, experts began to produce exclusively kits for self-assembly.

The cabin of the Pawnee Chief helicopter has a semi-open type, which somewhat limits the placement of cargo onboard the aircraft, and does not allow the aircraft to accelerate to high flight speeds, which, however, does not reduce the demand for this model.

Onboard the aircraft Pawnee Chief can accommodate up to three people – a pilot and two passengers, while, if it is supposed to carry three people on board, transportation of any cargo in the aircraft cabin is not possible, however, when transporting two people (pilot and one passenger), the helicopter can take on board up to 200 kilograms of payload.

The helicopter model Pawnee Chief is equipped with a power plant consisting of one piston four-cylinder aircraft engine of the brand Chevrolet V-8, with a capacity of 305 hp With a relatively lightweight design of the aircraft, and a very productive power plant, the Pawnee Chief helicopter can accelerate to a cruising flight speed of 140 km \ h, and cover distances of up to 400 kilometers.

To date, the production of Pawnee Chief helicopters has officially been discontinued, including as kits for self-assembly.


  • Crew: 1 person;
  • Capacity: 2 people (depending on the layout of the cabin);
  • Length: 9.83 m.;
  • Height: 2,49 m.;
  • The diameter of the rotor: 9.14 m.;
  • Empty weight: 689 kg.;
  • Maximum take-off weight: 1089 kg.;
  • Cruising speed: 140 km \ h.;
  • Maximum flight speed: 165 km \ h.;
  • Maximum flight range: 400 km .;
  • Maximum flight height: 3050 m.;
  • Powerplant: Chevrolet V-8;
  • Power: 305 hp
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