On new British Airways aircraft, the seatbacks will not recline

British Airways uses the mid-range aircraft A320neo and A321neo, in which the seatbacks are fixed and do not recline, Traveler, reports.

The airline said that the seats will be slightly tilted without the ability to adjust the angle.

A similar move by British Airways shows the airline drift towards low-cost airlines, competition with which has increased significantly in recent years.

As a result, the British air carrier introduced special fares without baggage, and also refused to provide free meals in economy class on European flights.

The abandonment of the seat adjustment function allows airlines to reduce maintenance costs due to the lack of mechanisms to ensure the tilt of seats that can break. Also, such seats are lighter, which reduces the weight of the aircraft and, as a result, fuel costs.

In Europe, the installation of seats without the ability to adjust the angle is practiced by low-cost airlines Ryanair, EasyJet, Wizz Air.

A survey conducted by the Skyscanner search engine showed that 91% of passengers believe that when flying short distances, it is forbidden to recline the seat on the plane altogether or enter a certain time when it is forbidden.

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