Mi-35MS is a communication and control helicopter designed for VIP transportation. It was designed for the Russian military command. This is a modified version of the Mi-35M combat helicopter. The first operating Mi-35MS was spotted in 2013. In 2014, it was reported that three command and control posts — Mi-35MS helicopters — would be built.

In operation, there is already a Mi-8MTV performing a similar role. For example, the president of Russia regularly flies on one. High-ranking officials of the Russian Ministry of Defense use similar helicopters. Some of these VIP helicopters are modified and have improved features. However, the new Mi-35MS flies much faster. The maximum speed of the Mi-8MTV helicopter is 230-250 km / h, and the maximum speed of the Mi-35MS-335 km / h helicopter. The new helicopter can be considered as a flying limousine for VIP-persons.

Mi-35MS is equipped with two Klimov VK-2500 engines, each with a power of 2,466 hp. The carrier system of the Mi-28 combat helicopter is used. The rotor blades are made of composite materials with titanium components. This helicopter also received improved avionics and digital equipment, including a night vision system.

The Mi-35MS command post has no weapons. It retains dead-end wings, where weapons are usually suspended. Instead, on these wings, he is reportedly carrying auxiliary fuel tanks to increase the radius of action. However, it can also be capsules with various electronic equipment. Mi-35MS has an anti-aircraft missile defense system with infrared guidance of the Vitebsk OESP. The nose gun was replaced with a radar fairing.

The cockpit and vital components of this helicopter are significantly armored.

The helicopter is packed with sensors, radars, a GLONASS / GPS navigation system, a satellite communications station, and special anti-jamming equipment. There are several antennas above the tail boom. The car has a luxurious interior and can accommodate only about 4-5 passengers due to its small dimensions. The cabin has new rectangular windows.

Unlike its predecessor, the Mi-24, this helicopter has non-retractable landing gear. This feature has reduced weight. Also in the event of an accident or a hard landing, the chassis absorbs some of the energy.


  • Maximum speed: 300 km / h
  • Cruising speed: 260 km / h
  • Combat radius: 450 km
  • Ferry range: up to 1000 km with hanging tanks
  • Static ceiling: 3150 m
  • Dynamic ceiling: 5100 m
  • Armament: Rifle-cannon: fixed gun installation NPPU-24 with a 23-mm caliber GST-23L double-barreled gun
  • Pendant points: 4
  • Combat load:
    • Anti-tank missiles: “Sturm-B” or “Attack-M”
    • Unguided missiles: 2 or 4 B8V20-A blocks with 80-mm S-8 missiles
  • Outboard cannon armament: 2 containers UPK-23-250 with guns GST-23L.
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