MI-171 (Mi-8AMT)

Soviet designers developed a helicopter for civil and transport transportation, which was called the Mi-171. There was also a modification developed for the Russian Air Force. The military version of the Mi-171 was very widely used on various combat missions.

About the Mi-171 helicopter, we can say that this is a modification of the Mi-8AM helicopter, which should be exported. This machine was created in the city of Ulan-Ude with the direct support of the Mil design office. When developing and manufacturing the helicopter, the wishes of customers were taken into account. On this model, there was a power plant, which bypassed its predecessor in power. The Mi-171 has significantly better flight characteristics, and it is also capable of flying under difficult weather conditions.

As for the appearance of the car, it is almost the same as that of the Mi-8 helicopter. But due to new and more powerful equipment, it can rise higher and has a greater lifting capacity.

The main objective of the Mi-171 helicopter is the destruction of armored objects, both ground, and surface. Fire can be produced both on immovable objects and on objects that are moving. In addition to these features, the machine can conduct an air battle. For military purposes, it is also used for landing and transportation of military equipment.

The Mi-171 helicopter can rightfully be considered an improved modification of the Mi-8 helicopter. Modernization of the machine took place at a helicopter plant in Kazan since 1977. The main changes affected almost all parts and components of the device. Even the helicopter fuselage itself was lengthened, which allowed increasing the cargo compartment. Due to this, it was possible to carry up to 29 paratroopers in full gear. The biggest changes have occurred with the onboard equipment of the machine.

But such a machine did not take root in practice since the long fuselage led to large body vibrations. After improvements, the helicopter was equipped with a more powerful high-altitude power plant. The car with a new engine has proved to be quite good and passed flight tests in ’85. After another two years, the machine was modified, which allowed it to land at altitudes of up to 4 kilometers, and this machine produced horizontal movement even at an altitude of 6 kilometers above sea level. All the innovations and innovations have also led to an increase in flight range and speed of climb.

The serial production of the Mi-171 helicopter began in early 1991. In the city of Ulan-Ude, more than a hundred such machines as the Mi-171 have already been built, and the purpose of the machines is quite different. At the end of 1997, this machine received a type certificate in the Russian Federation. This device received a type certificate following American standards and norms in 99 in China. This certificate confirms the quality of the cargo and passenger models of the Mi-171 helicopter both over land and over water bodies.

The most obvious difference between the new machine was the more modern design of the airframe. An additional door was installed on the starboard side, and the left one became much larger. The latest modification of the Mi-171 helicopter can transport significantly more fighters, namely up to 36 people. Since the helicopter has two doors and a cargo ramp, paratroopers can leave the car in just 15 seconds. The maximum mass of cargo that the helicopter can carry was also increased to 4.5 tons. The nose of the device has a completely new look, and it is more streamlined.

For a more efficient supply of electricity, the machine is equipped with new generation generators in which there are no brushes. The latest cars of this type are equipped with excellent foreign-made navigation equipment. To achieve the best flight results, the machine is equipped with a power plant, which has a capacity of 4800 horsepower. Also, there is an additional power plant, which is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

The Mi-171 combat vehicle is a new generation aircraft that incorporates the most positive qualities of all previous models of military helicopters of this type. For the effective implementation of combat missions, the helicopter is equipped with a range of diverse weapons. The combat power of the machine includes missiles and guns that are installed on it. Also, the helicopter is equipped with an active protection system.

The machine has a large arsenal of equipment for special missions. Due to the latest equipment, military operations on the Mi-171 helicopter can be performed at any time of the day and under any weather conditions. The advantage of this model is that it can be used in all climatic zones of our planet.

To convert a standard Mi-8AM helicopter into a Mi-171 helicopter, you do not need a lot of time. This can be achieved immediately before the flight, depending on the task.

The landing model of the helicopter can carry up to 16 fighters or cargo weighing up to 4 tons. It should be noted that transportation can be carried out both inside the cargo compartment and on the external sling of the machine. The sanitary version allows you to transport 12 wounded soldiers on a stretcher and an accompanying orderly. For rescue operations, the helicopter is equipped with a winch with an arrow, with which you can lift loads weighing 150 kilograms. For landing landings, the SU-R system is installed on the helicopter, with the help of which soldiers can leave the machine when it hangs in the air the ground.

Due to the EVU system installed on the helicopter, which provides shielding of the exhaust, the machine has great combat survivability. The helicopter is also equipped with an automatic reflector reset system. Mi-171 has armor, represented by plates, which can be removed if unnecessary. On stretches or to increase the flight range, the helicopter can be equipped with additional hanging tanks, and it is also possible to install an additional tank inside the cargo compartment.

For combat operations, the Mi-171 model helicopter can be equipped with a system that interferes with all enemy radio frequencies. For night missions, a night vision system and infrared equipment for monitoring the situation both on the ground and in the air are provided. For communication, the helicopter has a radar station and a satellite navigation system. The designers thought out the emergency splashdown system, which allows for the emergency landing of the machine on the water. All this was achieved with the help of modern equipment of foreign and Russian manufacture.

Since the designers were guided by the wishes of the main customer, a sliding door was installed on the starboard side of the helicopter, which had dimensions larger than that of the standard Mi-8 machine. Instead of conventional cargo doors, the new machine was equipped with an electro-hydraulic ramp.

The machine is controlled by two pilots, namely the ship’s commander and co-pilot. The commander’s seat is located on the left in the cockpit. The commander manages the device, aims, and launches unguided missiles and fire from guns. The co-pilot is engaged in assistance in controlling the machine in situations where the commander launches guided missiles. Also, the co-pilot performs the duties of a navigator, and also controls the “Storm” system, with the help of which target detection and weapon aiming are performed. Sometimes the co-pilot acts as a shooter from machine guns that are installed in the bow of the machine.

There is a fairly wide variety of machines of this class, which were designed and manufactured for special tasks. The most common car is Mi-171Sh. This is a military transport helicopter, which is designed to carry 16 paratroopers and military cargo. This machine has weapons that can destroy ground and surface objects, as well as enemy manpower. A more modern modification is the helicopter, which has a gas turbine power plant and a new navigation system.

For work in the Arctic latitudes and during flights in very difficult meteorological conditions, the Mi-171-VA machine was created, flights on it are possible even in polar night conditions. The Mi-171A1 export model has US quality certificates and fully meets all flight requirements, mainly this machine is delivered to Brazil. This machine has significantly better safety performance.

The latest development of the Mil Design Bureau is Mi-171A2. At the heart of this machine, the latest developments were involved and all the disadvantages of previous helicopters were taken into account. This car started flying tests only in 2014.


  • Modification of the Mi-8AMT (Mi-171)
  • The diameter of the rotor, m 21.29
  • Tail rotor diameter, m 3.91
  • Length, m 18.17
  • Height, m ​​5.65
  • Weight kg
     empty 6800
     normal take-off 11100
     maximum take-off 12,000
  • Engine type 2 GTE Klimov TV2-117VM (VK-2500)
  • Power, kW 2 x 1641 (2014)
  • Maximum speed, km / h 250
  • Cruising speed, km / h 225
  • Practical range, km
    normal 610
    with two fuel tanks 1065
  • Practical ceiling, m 5000
  • Static ceiling, m 3900
  • Crew 3
  • Payload: up to 26 passengers or 37 paratroopers or 12 stretchers with accompanying or 4000 kg of cargo in the cabin or 4000 kg on the suspension.
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