Media called the possible cause of the crash in Pakistan

A possible cause of the crash of a passenger plane of Pakistan International Airlines near Karachi could be the collision of a liner with a flock of birds. This is stated on Twitter by the Pakistani newspaper Nation.

The publication refers to the first disaster report that the authorities submitted. According to the newspaper, the landing gear mechanism also jammed.

Anadolu reports crashes with several birds, citing Geo News.

The version about the problems with the opening of the chassis was previously named by a source from Reuters in Pakistan’s civil aviation agency. According to the interlocutor of the agency, the plane could not release the landing gear due to the technical malfunction of the liner, which was discovered immediately before landing.

In turn, the Director-General of Pakistan International Airlines Arshad Malik said at a press conference that the liner was technically sound. He noted that the cause of the disaster can be established using the flight recorder and the “black box”. “Nothing can be said until the black box is found,” Geo TV quoted him as saying.

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) passenger airliner, flying from Lahore to Karachi, crashed on May 22. He fell on residential buildings 4 km from the airport in Karachi. Before the crash, pilots reported problems with the landing gear.

With utmost regret, PIA announces that one of our Airbus A320 aircraft, operating flight PK8303 on approach to Karachi…

Опубликовано Pakistan International Airlines Пятница, 22 мая 2020 г.

According to the airline, there were 99 passengers and eight crew members onboard the liner. The Pakistani publication Dawn, citing data from the local Ministry of Health, reported that so far the deaths of 76 people have been confirmed. The Nation reported that several dozen passengers survived. According to the newspaper, 15 victims were brought to one of the hospitals, and 17 more to another. In turn, the Pakistani authorities said that at least two people survived the plane crash.

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