Lufthansa resumes flights to Toronto in early June

German airline Lufthansa will resume international flights to Toronto in early June.

Flights from Toronto to Frankfurt will be operated three times a week. The first flight from Frankfurt to Toronto is scheduled for June 3. The return flight from Toronto to Frankfurt is scheduled for June 4th.

Passengers will have to wear masks throughout the flight. The number of passengers on airplanes will be limited, reports the publication Narcity.

The German airline also plans to resume flights to Montreal and Vancouver this summer. However, the number of flights will be limited.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Lufthansa had 64 flights a week to Canada. In winter, the number of flights was halved. By the end of June, the airline plans to launch 1,800 weekly flights to more than 130 destinations.

“The June flight schedule makes an important contribution to the revival of aviation infrastructure. People want and can travel, whether it’s vacation or business reasons, ”said Harry Hochmeister, executive board member of Lufthansa.

Lufthansa is not the only airline renewing international flights. On May 21, Emirates Airlines will resume flights to 9 destinations, including Toronto. Passengers will be checked before boarding the plane.

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