Lufthansa intends to cut 26 thousand jobs

Lufthansa and the relevant airline trade unions are negotiating plans for company management to cut at least 26 thousand jobs, this measure affects nearly 22 thousand full-time employees.

On April 28, Lufthansa announced the alleged dismissal of 10,000 employees and the sale of at least a hundred airliners from her fleet, later the number of reductions was revised to more than double.

The subject of current negotiations is a way to reduce staff costs.

Management needs to get agreement on this step, as this decision should already be considered at a shareholders meeting to discuss Lufthansa’s rescue plan

At the end of May, the company’s losses were estimated at 1 million euros per hour.

Then it became known that the German authorities will provide the airline with support of 9 billion euros, but based on partial nationalization.

The German stabilization fund in exchange for money will receive approximately 20% of Lufthansa.

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