Lufthansa Group to restore 90% of medium-haul routes by September

The Lufthansa Group by September wants to restore 90% of its medium-haul routes and 70% of its long-distance network, but with a reduced frequency of flights.

The German air carrier during the summer plans to operate 100 flights to North America, 90 to Asia, 20 to the Middle East, and 25 to Africa from its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich every week.

Under the new plans, Lufthansa will resume flights to Windhoek, Nairobi, Take, Riyadh, Houston, Boston, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

In September, the medium-haul network will serve 1800 flights per week. 102 medium-range directions were announced from Frankfurt, 88 from Munich.

Lufthansa also gradually began to return its service to its usual level after a recent reduction caused by security measures.

For example, on medium-range flights in business class, drinks are again handed out and standard meals are provided.

On long-haul flights in all classes of service, the choice of drinks was returned to the pre-crisis level, and in the first and business class passengers were allowed to re-choose their meal.

As an additional safety measure, Lufthansa began handing out disinfectant wipes to passengers before departure and required travelers to be masked on the plane.

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