How Qatar Airways has changed due to coronavirus

Qatar Airways has changed its airborne service and crew work to adapt to the spread of COVID-19. At the moment, the airline continues to serve about 30 international destinations from Doha.

In addition to masks and gloves, flight attendants will begin to wear protective suits over uniforms and special glasses. Starting May 25, wearing a mask or any other object covering the face on board aircraft will become mandatory for passengers.

To reduce the interaction between passengers and cabin crew, business class meals will be provided on a tray. The distribution of food in the economy class will not change.

The airline will also close all lounges onboard. In the kitchens, containers with disinfectant liquid will be installed, which can be used by everyone on board.

On flights with low load, seating will be done so that there are free seats between travelers.

The airline also introduced mandatory temperature checks for employees before and after the flight.

If one of the employees or passengers on the flight becomes ill or receives a positive coronavirus test result, the crew will be quarantined and tested.

In short and medium-haul directions, two crews of flight attendants now fly. The first works on the flight there, the second – on the flight back.

On long-haul routes, where crews need to rest in hotels, they are sent to the hotel only by special transport and must be in rooms.

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