How does one of the largest aircraft parking lots look like from above

Victorville Airport, also known as Southern California Logistics Airport (IATA: VCV), is one of the largest aircraft storage facilities in the world.

This is due to the location of the airfield in a dry area near the Mojave desert. The local climate provides ideal conditions for the conservation of aircraft.

In a normal situation, this is a large center for the disposal of old aircraft. But last year, the airfield sheltered dozens of Boeing 737 MAX Southwest American low-cost after the authorities banned flights of this type of airliners.

Now Victorville has become a haven for dozens of Delta Air Lines, which airlines no longer need due to falling demand for air travel.

The situation has so increased the demand on the part of airlines for parking spaces at the airport that the air gate had to close one of its two runways to compactly place airliners waiting for better times. In total, more than 400 aircraft were at the airport.

The user youtube Wolficorn received permission from the airport controllers and made light passes over the airfield on a light aircraft to capture everything from a small height. How it was can be seen in the video below.

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