Bell V-280 Valor

Bell Helicopter launches new prototype V-280 Valor.

Bell Helicopter signed an agreement for the supply of components and assemblies for the Bell V-280 Valor aircraft, test flights, which took place in 2017.

One of the equipment suppliers will be Israel Aerospace Industries. Unlike the previous generation of Bell Boeing V-22 Scopa devices, the V-280 has fixed wingtip power plants – placed in gondolas in an upright position. All actions of the crew to control the device will be in many ways similar to the helicopter control system.

The representative of the US Army on October 2, 2013 concluded an investment agreement with Bell for the development and creation of the Bell V-280 model.

Bell V-280 Valor – is an aircraft with an aircraft fuselage on the wings of which are installed nacelles with engines.

The device is designed for flights with a cruising speed of 520 km / h, a flight range of 3900 km and an effective combat range of 930-1480 km. Landing and take-off will be possible with the help of retractable landing gear. The crew of the aircraft is 4 pilots, the cabin accommodates 11 passengers. The carrying capacity is 4500 kg. To reduce weight, the fuselage will be completely made of carbon fiber. The power plant consists of two engines GE T 64-419, with a capacity of 5000 hp.

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