Hawker 400

Hawker 400 is a twin-engine corporate jet. It was originally designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi and was further redesigned by Beech Aircraft Company, now part of Hawker Beechcraft.

Initially, the Hawker 400 was developed under the name Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond, which, being the first jet aircraft of the brand, was supposed to stand one step above the Mitsubishi MU-2 turboprop and become the flagship of the company’s aviation line. The plane made its first flight on August 29, 1978.

After some time, Beechcraft purchased the rights to manufacture the aircraft from Mitsubishi. The redesigned aircraft was named Beechjet 400. It received the FAA certification in May 1986.

Raytheon / Beechcraft made a number of its improvements to the model, creating the 400A in 1990. Beechjet 400A enhancements include longer range, greater take-off weight, and an improved more comfortable cabin. A full glass floor was also offered.

In 1993, Raytheon acquired the rights to a Hawker business jet from British Aerospace. The Beechjet 400 has finally evolved into the current aircraft, standing in the Hawker product line.

In 2008, Hawker Beechcraft announced the upgrade and release of the updated Hawker 450XP. The aircraft was replaced by engines and avionics elements. However, the program turned out to be unprofitable and was closed in 2009.

Hawker 400 is a small all-metal twin-engine jet aircraft with a low wing. A crew of two people and eight passengers were housed in an airtight cabin. Power plant – two Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D turbojet engines located at the rear of the fuselage.


  • Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond is the base model manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. 89 aircraft were produced.
  • Mitsubishi MU-300-10 Diamond II – An upgraded version of the base. It was this aircraft that later turned into the Beechjet 400. 11 aircraft were produced.
  • Beechcraft Beechjet 400 – the new name for the aircraft under the new brand. In addition to the 11 Diamond II, 54 Beechjet 400s were released.
  • Model 400A was originally produced as a Beechcraft Beechjet 400A, then Raytheon Beechjet 400A, then Raytheon Hawker 400XP, then Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 400XP. 593 aircraft of this type were produced.
  • Model 400T is a military version of 400A. 180 vehicles were delivered to the US Air Force and 13 for the Japanese Air Force under the name T-1.
  • Hawker 400 XPR is the latest version of the aircraft, which made its first flight in May 2012. Engines, avionics, and interior are replaced, new winglets are installed.


  • Type: Business Aircraft
  • Powerplant: two twin-circuit turbojet engines Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5 at 1 346 kg each
  • Maximum number of passengers: 9 people
  • Practical ceiling: 13 716 m
  • Range: 2 744 km
  • Maximum take-off weight: 7.39 t
  • Cruising speed: 767 km / h
  • Wingspan: 13.26 m
  • Wing Area: 22.43 sq. m
  • Length: 14.76 m
  • Height: 4.24 m
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