France Trade Unions consider unacceptable Ryanair’s policy for its employees

The French government and unions strongly opposed Ryanair’s ultimatum, which offered its French employees a choice between a five-year pay cut or layoffs, France 24 reported.

Ryanair has long been under criticism for its long rejection of union organizations and the practice of intimidating personnel. Last Friday, the airline published restructuring plans that provide for a reduction of up to 3 thousand jobs. Since July 2020, it is planned to reduce the salary of pilots by 20% and flight attendants by 10%, otherwise, 23 pilots and 27 flight attendants will lose their jobs. A return to the previous salary is planned in 2025.

French Labor Minister Muriel Penico said she was “shocked” by Ryanair’s proposal, and said the company should return to the negotiating table and “really talk with employees, but not blackmail them.”

According to the management of Ryanair, the company was in an unfair and hopeless situation, as the French government said that it only compensates taxes and fees to French airlines. Other carriers will still have to pay full fees. Ryanair believes that this is a violation of the rules of state aid and the rules of competition.

“Blackmail has never been a way out. Jobs will be protected by creative solutions, but not blackmail, ”said Finance Minister Bruno Le Mer.

The head of the French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CFDT), France’s largest union, Laurent Berger said that Ryanair “shows no respect for its employees, nor workers, nor anyone else” and has been putting pressure on its employees for many years. Laurent Berger called for a boycott of this airline.

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