Europe’s largest aircraft storage facilities run out of space

Operating with the largest containers for long-term storage of aircraft in Europe, Tarmac Aerosave announced that by June more than 90% of the seats will be occupied.

It has 250 parking lots at three airports – Teruel in Spain, Tarbes, and Toulouse-Francazal in France.

If in April there were 170 aircraft at all sites, in June their number will increase to 230-240. Among them, a significant proportion of 4-engine wide-body airliners – Airbus A380, Boeing 747, Airbus A340, which airlines began to withdraw from the fleet among the first due to high operating costs.

To free up storage space, Tarmac Aerosave has accelerated the disposal of older aircraft. This allowed increasing the available capacity by 25%. The company also postponed work on maintenance and processing of aircraft, which does not require urgency.

Tarmac Aerosave expects that in the future, airliners for long-term storage will begin to come not only from airlines but also to leasing companies. At the same time, half of the 100 aircraft will remain in storage for a year or longer. In this regard, Tarmac Aerosave began to prepare new areas for long-term parking, which will be ready by next June.

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