Emirates restarts flights to 12 Arab countries

Emirates Airlines has opened a ticket reservation for flights to 12 Arab countries with implementation in July 2020. In total, from July 1, it is expected that 16 air routes will be available.

In particular, today on the airline’s official website you can buy tickets for flights to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Sudan, and Jordan.

It is noted that the flight schedule can be changed depending on the epidemiological situation in the world, about which passengers will be notified through all possible channels.

It is specified that the implementation of flights will also depend on obtaining government permits at destinations and the demand for air services.

It is worth noting that until June 30, 2020 Emirates will continue flights to London, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Chicago, and Toronto, as well as to Melbourne and Sydney. To return to Dubai, residents of the UAE must obtain the permission of local authorities.

It is worth recalling that Dubai International Airport received permission to resume operations from May 27, 2020, including servicing UAE residents returning to their host country and passengers on transit flights.

At the airport terminals, the prevention of COVID-19 coronavirus continues, including the rules of social distance, wearing masks and gloves, and measuring body temperature at the entrance.

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