Embraer ERJ-190BJ Lineage 1000

The Lineage 1000 business jet is equipped with two powerful General Electric engines and is capable of speeds up to 820 km / h. With eight passengers on board, this aircraft can cover a distance of 7778 km (for comparison, the Gulfstream G350 business jet travels a distance less than 740 km) and climb to a height of 12497 km.

The Lineage 1000 cabin is divided into 5 zones, which comfortably accommodate 19 passengers (this is slightly less than, for example, the private Airbus ACJ, carrying 39 people). It features wireless internet and a TV. Trim is made only of natural materials: leather, natural veneer, Lexan, etc. Onboard the aircraft, in addition to the toilet and the luggage compartment, a kitchen is provided, which includes a convection and microwave oven, a refrigerator, a coffee maker, and a closet for accessories.

The Lineage 1000 was created by Embraer in conjunction with the Royal Jet aircraft manufacturer. It was first introduced to the public in 2006 at the European Aviation Exhibition of business-class aircraft, held in Geneva. The first flight took place on October 26, 2007. This aircraft is intended for private use only.

What else can you say about Lineage? Imagine an enlarged Legacy pipe. Proportionally, it will remain long and narrow, but due to the new scale, it will become more than spacious. There are a lot of places – unless basketball players still have enough ceiling heights. In a separate cabin, you can put a double bed, there are also a shower and a toilet. There is a second lavatory in the front, so those who can’t endure will not interfere with sleeping people — unlike traditional business jets. The pressure drops are less than that of Legacy – here at the maximum flight altitude in the cabin is 7000 feet (2100 m), on Legacy – 8000 (2400).

The history of regional conversion continues: the prototype was the ERJ 190 (which is why Lineage carries the corporate designation ERJ-190BJ), which can seat up to 114 people in one class. On Lineage, an in-house remote control system was supplemented with an avionics upgrade to Honeywell Primus Epic, but in general, the aircraft remained almost the same. Unless the range has greatly increased – in the latest version up to 8150 km.

Outside – an ordinary passenger airliner, there are planes and sexier. But here, looking at what to compare, the proportions of this car are more elegant than those of BBJ and ACJ. Affects a narrower fuselage. And if you want to attract attention – paint it under Khokhloma.

Assembly is more praised than scolded, and the reliability of Embraer has long been one of the key selling factors. The growing maintenance network gives reason to believe that it will soon be possible to get spare parts and qualified assistance anywhere, and the recently announced cooperation with Vnukovo-3 can give the manufacturer a serious head start – if it will result in concrete actions.

Graduated from Embry-Riddle Aviation University with a master's degree in aviation science. He began his career as an aviation researcher in local periodicals. Has a pilot license. Now are the author and developer of the Plane Worlds.