Embraer ERJ-135

In 1997, the management of EMBRAER decided to make greater use of the success gained under the ERJ 145 program, as a result of which the line of this family was replenished with a regional airliner with a shortened fuselage for 37 seats. Officially, work on the EMBRAER ERJ 135 project began in September 1997, two prototypes were a converted pre-production ERJ 145. The new machine made its first flight on July 4, 1998, and Continental Express, which received its first production car in July, became its starting customer in 1999 (at that time EMBRAER received firm orders and options for 139 such airliners).

The ERJ 135 is 90 percent compatible with the ERJ 145 – similar to the wing, tail, cockpit and main systems. The main difference is a fuselage shortened by 3.53 m. The layout of the seats in the cabin is saved (2 + 1). The kinship of both machines makes it possible to simplify the training of flight personnel and maintenance, as well as reduce operating costs.

Embraer also attempted to bring to the market an intermediate version – the 44-seater ERJ 140 (first flight on July 27, 2000), but the unsuccessful situation on the international air transportation market caused by terrorist attacks in the USA did not allow success in this direction. The fate was more fortunate for the Legacy 600 business jet designed for the transportation of 8 passengers, created based on the ERJ 135. The aircraft was in demand among civilian and military customers.


  • ERJ-135 is the first production modification.
  • ERJ-135ER modification with increased range, based on 135 modifications, designed for 37 passengers.
  • ERJ-135LR modification with increased range (increased fuel tanks and improved engines).


  • Modification ERJ-135
  • Wingspan, m 20.04
  • Aircraft Length, m 26.33
  • The height of the aircraft, m 6.76
  • Wing Area, m2 51.18
  • Weight kg empty aircraft 10684; maximum takeoff 20,000; fuel (LR) 4173 (5187)
  • Engine type 2 turbofan Allison AE 3007A3
  • Rod, kN 2 x 33.0
  • Cruising speed, km / h 882
  • Practical range, km with 33 passengers (LR) 3360; 15 passengers (ER) 2935
  • Practical ceiling, m 11200
  • Crew 2
  • Payload 36-37 passengers or 4700 kg of commercial cargo.
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