Douglas DC-8-73

DC-8-73 is a long-range passenger aircraft developed by the American company Douglas. It is a modification of the DC-8-63 aircraft. The DC-8-73 aircraft was certified in June 1982. Several aircraft were converted into cargo DC-8-73CF and DC-8-73AF, designed for the transport of goods weighing 47.5-50.7 tons. N

The aircraft is equipped with the usual avionics system with electromechanical data display facilities. The propulsion system consists of 4 turbofan engines CFM International CFM56-2C1 (with a thrust of 9990 kgs each). Re-equipment of DC-8-63 aircraft was carried out in 1982-1985.


  • Modification: DC-8-73
  • Wingspan, m: 45.20
  • Length of aircraft, m: 57.00
  • The height of the aircraft, m: 12.90
  • Wing Area, m2: 272.00
  • Weight kg: empty loaded aircraft 75400; take-off maximum 161100
  • Engine: 4 turbofan engine CFM International CFM56-2C1
  • Maximum thrust, kgs: 4 x 9990
  • Maximum speed, km / h: 925
  • Cruising speed, km / h: 885
  • Ferry range, km: 11,200
  • Practical range, km: 8430
  • Practical ceiling, m: 12800
  • Crew: 4
  • Payload: 234 passengers in two-class cabins or 251 passengers in economy class or up to 28,900 kg of commercial cargo (maximum – 50,700 kg).
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