Coronavirus may forever change the interior of the aircraft

Italian designers Aviointeriors proposed options for changing the placement of seats in economy class salons, which could appear on airplanes after the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

As CNN recalls, these same designers previously attracted attention with the idea of ​​standing places in passenger liners.

Now they offer two options for passenger accommodation, the purpose of which is social distance and protection of people “in accordance with new requirements”.

Option “Janus” involves a series of three seats, with the central deployed in the opposite direction. In addition to the fact that passengers are as far apart as possible, they are separated by a “transparent material” partition.

According to CNN, it is not indicated whether it is supposed to fill the entire cabin with rows of such chairs, but the row near the exit cannot look like this because of safety requirements.

The second option does not require overhaul of the cabin of traditional aircraft.

The “Safety glass” design involves the separation of passengers by a transparent partition, which “creates an isolated space around the person.” As CNN recalls, the distance between passengers still does not correspond to modern medical recommendations of 1.5 – 2 m.

Aviointeriors told the American television station that the airlines have already shown interest in both design options.

After designers finalize their proposals, they must be approved by aviation safety regulators.

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