Changhe Z-11

Changhe Z-11 – a light multi-purpose helicopter. The combat version in the Chinese Air Force received the name CZ11W (Z11W).

The development of the helicopter was conducted by the Chinese company Changhe Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation based on the French helicopter EurocopterAS.350Écureuil.

It made its first flight in December 1994. It can reach speeds of up to 278km / h and fly to distances of up to 652km.

Under the license, helicopters are manufactured under the Pampero brand by the Argentine company FAdeA.


  • Flight range: 600 km
  • Maximum speed: 278 km / h
  • Weight: 1,253 kg
  • Length: 11 m
  • Wing span: 11 m
  • Cruising speed: 218 km / h
  • Engine type: gas turbine engine

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