Cessna Citation V

Cessna Citation V is a family of jet business jets developed by Cessna. It is the base aircraft, over time, overgrown in the Ultra, Encore and Encore + models.

The base Citation V is a 510 mm extension of the Citation II aircraft. The aircraft became the largest version with a “direct” wing – Model 560. The first flight instance took off in 1987. Until 1994, 262 aircraft of this type were produced.

In 1993, Cessna decided to upgrade the Citation V and announced the Citation Ultra model development program. The aircraft received new P&W JT15D-5D engines and a Honeywell Primus avionics kit with a glass cockpit. The aircraft was produced from 1994 to 1999.

Special modifications of this aircraft were also produced, delivered to the US Air Force, Navy of Peru, and the Colombian Air Force.

5 years after the release of the Ultra model, in 1998 another aircraft modernization was carried out, this time, the new aircraft received the name Citation Encore. The aircraft received P & W535A engines, which allowed them to reduce the amount of fuel needed while increasing the flight range. Reducing the size of the fuel tanks also improved the airframe and increased comfort. All elements of the avionics of the aircraft were improved, as well as the cabin and elements for ensuring passenger comfort were redesigned.

The Encore was certified in 2000 and began shipping to customers the same year. Later, in 2006, the Encore + version was launched with an integrated remote control system.


  • Type: Business Jet
  • Powerplant: two twin-circuit turbojet engines Pratt Whitney Canada PW535A at 1,522 kg each
  • Maximum number of passengers: 8 people
  • Practical ceiling: 13,715 m
  • Range: 3,705 km
  • Maximum take-off weight: 7,550 t
  • Cruising speed: 798 km / h
  • Wingspan: 15.91 m
  • Wing Area: 31.80 sq. m
  • Length: 14.90 m
  • Height: 4.63 m
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