British Aerospace 146 Statesman

The aircraft BAe.146 Statesman is designed for air transportation of personnel and cargo, landing, and parachute landing of troops and military equipment. It was developed by British Aerospace in the late 80s on the basis of a commercially available passenger aircraft. The first flight of the BAe-146 STA took place in August 1988. The aircraft was first demonstrated in 1988 at the air show in Farnborough (UK).

The aircraft has a highly located swept wing, on the pylons of which are mounted four turbofan engines ALF502 of the English company Lycoming, which are characterized by high efficiency and a small thermal and noise signature. During the redesign of a passenger aircraft into a military transport aircraft, a cargo compartment with dimensions of 16.08 x 3.23 m was equipped in the central part of the fuselage, which can accommodate 60 parachutists or up to 6 standard cargo platform pallets. For loading bulky goods at the rear of the fuselage, on the left side, there is a cargo hatch of 3.33×1.95 m in size, however, the company also plans to release a modification with a hatch and loading ramp, which will greatly facilitate the loading of wheeled and tracked vehicles onto the aircraft. For landing paratroopers in the fuselage, there are side doors. Landing is carried out at a flight speed of 200 km / h. A three-post landing gear with low-pressure pneumatics allows you to operate the aircraft on unequipped take-off and landing sites.

To expand the possibilities of using the aircraft, British Aerospace has created several varieties of functional modules that can be installed in the cargo compartment either individually or in blocks. This allows for a short time to convert the aircraft into an air command post, a hospital with an operations unit, a transport aircraft for transporting personnel, or members of the highest military leadership.

Based on the BAe.146 Statesman aircraft, modifications are also being made to the refueling aircraft and the base patrol aircraft.


  • BAe.146 CC.1: Military Transport Version BAe.146-100
  • BAe.146 CC.2: Military transport version of BAe.146-100 in the version for VIP-persons.
  • BAe.146 C.3: Quick Change cargo/passenger version of the BAe.146QC.


  • Modification: BAe.146 CC.1
  • Wingspan, m: 26.21
  • Aircraft Length, m: 26.20
  • The height of the aircraft, m: 8.61
  • Wing Area, m2: 77.29
  • Weight, kg: empty aircraft 23336; normal take-off 38102; maximum take-off 42180
  • Internal fuel, kg: 9362
  • Engine Type: 4 theater Textron Lycoming ALF502R-5
  • Rod, kN 4 x 31.00
  • Cruising speed, km / h: 767
  • Practical range, km: 2800
  • Range, km: 1733
  • Practical ceiling, m: 9500
  • Crew: 4-5
  • Payload: 128 soldiers or 11,000 kg of cargo
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