British Aerospace 146-300

BAe.146-300 – a short-haul passenger aircraft, developed by the British corporation British Aerospace. It is an extended version of the aircraft BAe.146-200 extended by 2.44 m. Thanks to the use of new frames and improved interior trim panels for the passenger cabin, it was possible to slightly increase the maximum width of the cabin.

The first flight of the aircraft VAe 146-300 made May 1, 1987, and in early September 1988 was certified in the UK. The first aircraft was delivered in mid-December 1988. The BAe 146-300 aircraft delivered at the beginning of January 1995 was the last in the BAe 146 family of aircraft. The cargo version of the BAe 146-300QT with a side cargo door is also in operation. The aircraft is equipped with a standard avionics system with electromechanical means of information output. It was mass-produced in 1987-1993.

In 1992, the design of the BAe 146 was modernized, which included the installation of new fuel-efficient engines and digital avionics. Upgraded models received the new designation Avro RJ.


  • Modification BAe. 146-300
  • Wingspan, m 26.34
  • Aircraft Length, m 30.99
  • The height of the aircraft, m 8.61
  • Wing Area, m2 77.30
  • Weight kg empty aircraft 24800; normal take-off 44230
  • Internal fuel, l 11730-12910
  • Engine type 4 turbofan Allied Signal ALF 502R-5
  • Thrust, kgs 4 x 3160
  • Cruising speed, km / h 795
  • Practical range, km 2000
  • Practical ceiling, m 9145
  • Crew 2-3
  • Payload: 100-123 passengers maximum or 10,800 kg of cargo
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