Bombardier Continental Jet

Continental Jet is a luxury passenger aircraft developed by the Canadian company Bombardier Business Aircraft (a subsidiary of Bombardier Corporation). The aircraft was first introduced on October 18, 1998, at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas. The prototype of the aircraft was built in mid-2000. His first flight is scheduled for June 2001. Several other companies took part in the work on the aircraft project – AlliedSignal Inc. (new AS907 turbofan engines), Rockwell Collins (avionics complex – Collins Pro Line 21), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (wing development), as well as Aerospace Industry Development Corporation (AIDC), Messier-Dowty, Parker Aerospace, Liebherr Aerospace-Toulouse, Shorts (various parts of the fuselage). Project development has been discontinued.


  • Continental Jet Modification
  • Wingspan, m 19.79
  • The length of the aircraft, m 21.23
  • The height of the aircraft, m 6.15
  • Wing Area, m2 48.50
  • Weight kg empty aircraft 10800; maximum take-off 17010
  • Engine type 2 turbofan AlliedSignal AS 907
  • Rod, kN 2 x 28.90
  • Maximum cruising speed, km / h 885
  • Normal cruising speed, km / h 872
  • Economy speed, km / h 787
  • Practical range, km 5740
  • Practical ceiling, m 12500
  • Crew 2
  • Payload: 8 VIP passengers
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