Boeing resumes 737 MAX program

Production of the Boeing 737 MAX resumes after almost four months of downtime.

Boeing Corporation resumes production of 737 MAX liners. Production is being restored at a factory in Renton, Washington, the company’s press service said.

It is noted that the release of new airliners will occur at a slower pace than planned. They explain this by the implementation of “more than a dozen initiatives aimed at improving safety at the workplace and product quality.”

The company reminds us that production was suspended in January. However, the corporation specialists worked to improve and standardize work packages at each position of the plant.

“The steps we took at the plant will help achieve our 100% quality goal for our customers while supporting our ongoing commitment to workplace safety,” said Scott Stoker, 737 Manufacturing Vice President.

The corporation claims that the 737 program will gradually increase production this year.

  • 737 MAX aircraft were banned after two air crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, killing 346 people. Boeing Corporation Loses $ 5.6 Billion Due to Problems with 737 MAX Airliners
  • In January 2020, Boeing officially temporarily discontinued the release of the 737 MAX. Also, the company planned to take a loan of $ 10 billion to cover losses due to problem aircraft.
  • In January, Boeing also announced that the first since 1962 did not receive orders for new aircraft.

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