Boeing produced the 100th P-8A unit

The U.S. Navy received the 100th instance of the P-8A. The global fleet of these machines is currently operated by the Indian Navy, the Australian and British Air Force. The aircraft of this model already has almost 300,000 flight time hours that they spent in the air, performing the tasks of detecting and fighting submarines, reconnaissance, and surveillance around the world.

“We are proud of the trust that was in the US,” said Stu Woboril, vice president and program manager. “Our goal is to produce the world’s best marine patrol aircraft.”

The P-8 is a proven long-range multi-purpose marine patrol aircraft. The Boeing 737 Next Generation, P-8 combines superior performance and reliability with an advanced mission system that provides maximum compatibility in the battlefield.

 This is the 94th aircraft that is part of the US Navy’s operational fleet. Development of engineering production. The delivery of the hundredth combat aircraft is scheduled for this year. The Boeing also delivered twelve Australian Air Force planes.

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