Boeing 717

The Boeing 717 is the smallest regional passenger jet manufactured by Boeing.

Boeing 717 aircraft – development of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 / MD-80 / MD-90 line. It was designed by McDonnell Douglas as MD-95, but after the absorption of this company by Boeing in August 1997, it received the name Boeing 717.

Designed for operation on small and medium-haul airlines. The first flight took place on September 2, 1998. In operation since October 12, 1999. It was produced in 1995 – May 23, 2006. A total of 156 aircraft were made.

The standard modification of the Boeing 717 provides transportation of 106 passengers. The spacious comfortable lounge is equipped with large shelves for hand luggage and illuminated handrails. The economy class cabin accommodates five seats in a row. Over 100 Boeing 717 aircraft have already been delivered to customers.

The Boeing 717 model is designed specifically for cost-effective servicing of short-haul routes with a high frequency of flights. Currently, Boeing 717 airliners are part of the fleets of airlines in North America, Europe, and Asia, as well as Australia. This is the only modern model of a short-haul aircraft, designed to carry approximately 100 passengers, which is in commercial operation.

In the family of civilian aircraft, the Boeing 717 airliner is the smallest, but it regularly carries passengers on the regular routes of many airlines in the world, and recently it has also gained a reputation as a flying limousine. Charter airlines have long looked at the Boeing 717, studying the capabilities of this aircraft. They saw that the airlines operating the “baby” on short-haul routes were pleased with it: the 717th turned out to be a profitable aircraft in many respects, especially considering that it had to carry out a large number of flights per day.

On the other hand, passenger surveys showed that most preferred to fly precisely to the Boeing 717 because of the successful interior design of the passenger compartment. Says Jim Phillips, vice president of the Boeing 717 program: “At the initial stage of designing the Boeing 717, engineers were tasked with minimizing maintenance costs and ensuring the high operational reliability of the new aircraft. These tasks were completed.” Now it’s the turn of charter carriers.

Boeing 717 aircraft repeatedly performed charter flights, transporting, transporting, for example, journalists covering the trips of the President of the United States around the country. Often, journalists themselves asked the president’s press service to charter the 717th, since they liked this model. Boeing 717 was also used to transport US ambassadors to the PRC and Southeast Asian countries from Long Beach (California) to Seattle. The purpose of their visit was to visit some large American companies and inform their management about the possibilities for developing business cooperation with ASEAN countries.

Another time, a Boeing 717 was chartered to transport a group of Chinese airline executives from the Boeing Leadership Center (St. Louis) to the headquarters of AirTran Airways (Orlando, Florida). Chinese airline executives participated in a two-week workshop at the Boeing Leadership Center.

The seminar was devoted to the study of the experience of the world’s largest airlines. The fleet of the American airline AirTran Airways, serving airports in the eastern part of the United States, today has 50 Boeing 717s. This is more than any other airline. Since 1999, the Boeing company has been called Kids’ Flight. In February 2002, nearly 70 children from 6 to 17 years old from the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America and King’s School (Palm Springs, California) made an unforgettable trip aboard the new Boeing 717 chartered by the airline. AirTran Airways. For many children, this flight was the first in life.

Also, the Boeing company used the 717th aircraft to transport approximately 80 foreign journalists and their translators during annual press tours, the purpose of which was to show and tell how the Boeing company works in different cities of the United States. In 2002, a meeting was organized for journalists from 17 countries with the management of Boeing. During the eventful six-day tour, journalists were able to visit the company’s enterprises located in four different cities.

Such a dense program of the event could only be realized using such a reliable aircraft as the Boeing 717. Here is the opinion of Dror Marcom, a correspondent for the Globes newspaper (Israel): The Boeing 717 is ideal for use in events such as this, when necessary, for example, transport 70-80 journalists to different cities. “The Boeing Company also organized a tour for Chicago media representatives covering business issues.

In total, 15 journalists took part in the tour dedicated to the relocation of Boeing’s headquarters to this city. The chartered Boeing 717 airliner operated a flight on the route Chicago – St. Louis – Seattle – Southern California – Chicago. Says J. Phillips: “We are glad that the journalists traveled as passengers onboard our aircraft. They were able to verify the truthfulness of the words of our customers that the Boeing 717 is a comfortable and reliable liner with low noise.”

The Boeing 717 was originally designed to serve short-haul routes with a high frequency of flights.

Among the airlines operating the aircraft of this model, in addition to AirTran Airways include Aerolineas Baleares, Bangkok Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Olympic Aviation, QantasLink, and Turkmenistan Airlines. Since the beginning of 2003, American airline Midwest Express Airlines began commercial operation of the Boeing 717.

The Boeing 717 is an excellent aircraft. Passengers like a high level of comfort, comparable to the comfort of wide-body airliners and innovative solutions implemented in the cabin of this aircraft. The flight on this plane leaves an unforgettable experience, and the Boeing 717 airlines provide fuel economy and low operating costs.


At the development stage, McDonnell Douglas planned to create 3 basic modifications of the liner:

  • MD-95-30 – base aircraft with 100 passenger seats
  • MD-95-30ER – aircraft with increased fuel tanks and range
  • MD-95-50 is an enlarged version that can accommodate up to 120 passengers.


  • Modification: Boeing 717-200
  • Wingspan, m: 28.45
  • Aircraft Length, m: 37.81
  • The height of the aircraft, m: 8.92
  • Wing Area, m2: 92.90
  • Weight kg empty equipped aircraft 30444; normal take-off 49845; maximum take-off 54885
  • Engine type: 2 turbofan engine Rolls-Royce BR715
  • Thrust, kg/f: normal 2 x 8392; take-off 2 x 9525
  • Maximum speed, km / h: 906
  • Cruising speed, km / h: 840
  • Practical range, km: 2645-3815
  • Practical ceiling, m: 10700
  • Crew: 2
  • Payload: of 106 passengers in a cabin of two classes or 98 in the economy class or 124 passengers maximum or 12,200 kg of cargo.
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