Belfast City George Best Airport

Belfast City Airport George Best is one of the largest airports in Northern Ireland, serving more than 2.5 million passengers annually.


Flight in the territory of the current Belfast City Airport. George Best appeared in 1937, moreover, the main purpose of the created air harbor was to ensure the transportation of goods and mail, and passenger traffic was minimal.

In the 40s of the last century, Belfast City Airport. George Best was transferred under the control of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain, which was due to the need to service military aircraft and transportation of military cargo.

The military department of Belfast City Airport. George Best was until the 70s of the last century, after which, the air harbor again began to service civilian flights.

In the late 90s, investors invested heavily in the development of the air harbor, which in turn had a positive effect on the development of the infrastructure of the air harbor, and in the 2000s, the airport served more than a million passengers.

Despite the attractiveness of Belfast City Airport. George Best for carriers, the implementation of international flights did not bring much profit, due to the great competition from low-cost airlines

Due to the proximity of the airport to residential areas, today the air harbor is engaged in servicing flights only from 6.30 a.m. to 21.30 p.m.

In 2016, the busiest and most popular route direction was flights to London Heathrow Airport – almost 700 thousand people were served on this route.

At its disposal Belfast City Airport. George Best has one asphalt runway with a length of 1829 meters, which is why the air harbor is adapted only for servicing aircraft of 3-4 classes.

At the airport, there are helipads, which allows you to receive all helicopters without exception.


Even though the Belfast City Airport. George Best annually serves more than 2.5 million passengers, the infrastructure is rather poorly developed here, due primarily to the fact that the airport serves mainly domestic flights. However, in the air harbor you can find:

  • ATMs and payment terminals;
  • Pharmacy
  • A place for packaging and temporary storage of baggage;
  • Retail stores;
  • Cafes, restaurants and catering places;
  • Room of mother and child;
  • Ticket offices;
  • Car parking;
  • A taxi rank and public transport;
  • VIP service room;
  • Conference hall.

Hotels and temporary stay at Belfast City Airport. George Best is absent, however, due to its proximity to the city center, this does not cause problems.

Problems with transport connections at Belfast City Airport. George Best does not arise, in particular, passengers can use both taxi services and regular or city buses that regularly run between Belfast and the air harbor, as well as between other airports located in the immediate vicinity.

Basic data

  • Airport Country: United Kingdom.
  • Belfast Regional Airlines Airport.
  • Year established Airport: 1937.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): +1/0.
  • Latitude geographic 54.62, longitude geographic -5.87.
  • The geographical location of the airport: 5 kilometers in the direction of the northeast of the city center of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • A number of airport terminals: 1.
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