At the Munich airport, a Josie robot appeared, which helps passengers

In February, a robot Josie Peper appeared in terminal 2 of Munich Airport, which helps passengers find the right gate, store, or cafe.

A 120-cm machine can communicate in English. It was developed by the French company SoftBank Robotics and uses IBM’s Watson Internet of Things cloud-based artificial intelligence technology.

After a passenger asks the robot a question, the device via Wi-Fi connects to a cloud service, where speech is processed, interpreted, and associated with data about the airport.

“When this type of robot speaks, it doesn’t just reproduce predefined texts. With its ability to learn, the device answers each question individually. Like a“ real ”brain, the system becomes better by combining questions with relevant information to provide more accurate answers,” told in Lufthansa, which together with the Munich airport implements this project.

Passengers can meet Josie Peper in the sterile area of ​​terminal 2 in the train departure hall to the satellite terminal. With this project, companies want to understand how this type of robot is perceived by passengers.

Up to this point, robots using artificial intelligence technology have not been used at German airports.

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