Antonov An-148

An-148-100 aircraft is made according to the high-wing plan with D-436-148 engines placed on pylons under the wing. This allows you to increase the level of protection of the engines and wing structure from damage by foreign objects. The presence of an auxiliary power unit, an on-board system for registering the state of the aircraft, as well as a high level of operability and reliability of the systems make it possible to use the An-148-100 on a network of technically poorly equipped aerodromes.

Modern flight and navigation and radio communication equipment, the use of multi-functional indicators, electrical remote control flight systems allow the An-148-100 to be used on any airways, in simple and difficult weather conditions, day and night, including on routes with high light intensity at a high comfort level for the crew.

Comfort for passengers is ensured at the level of comfort on long-haul aircraft and achieved by a rational layout and composition of service rooms, deep ergonomic optimization of the general and individual space of the passenger cabin, the use of modern seats, design and interior materials, as well as the creation of comfortable climatic conditions and low noise levels. The rationally chosen length of the passenger compartment and the placement of passengers in a row according to the 2 + 3 scheme allow the operator to get various single-class and mixed layouts in the range of 55-80 passengers with salons of economic, business and first-class. A high degree of continuity of constructive and technological solutions and operational unification of the An-148-100 with successfully operated An-An aircraft, using Hi-Tech components of equipment and systems of domestic and foreign production, provide the An-148-100 aircraft with a high competitive level of economic efficiency, technical and operational excellence.

An-148 will be used on routes ranging from 1.5 to 5 thousand kilometers. Depending on the modification, the car will be able to carry from 45 to 75 passengers.


  • Modification of the An-148-100
  • Wingspan, m 28.91
  • Length of aircraft, m 29.13
  • The height of the aircraft, m 8.19
  • Wing Area, m2 87.32
  • Weight kg empty aircraft 22490; maximum take-off 37,780; fuel 12,100
  • Engine type 2 TRDD D436-148
  • Thrust, kN
  • Cruising speed, km / h 820-870
  • Ferry range, km 6000
  • Practical ceiling, m 12500
  • Crew 2 + 3
  • Payload: 80 passengers or up to 9000 kg of cargo.
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