American Sportscopter Ultrasport 254

American Sportscopter Ultrasport 254 – American ultra-light helicopter, developed in 1993 by American Sportscopter.

The design of the aircraft model American Sportscopter Ultrasport 254 began aircraft manufacturers from the United States in 1990. Aircraft developers intended to create a small single-seat aircraft capable of finding use both in private use and as a sports aircraft, which in turn provided the project with higher popularity compared to aircraft of this type manufactured by other aircraft manufacturers.

To minimize the cost of the project, the developers from American Sportscopter created a unique design for the aircraft, providing both lightness and high reliability during flights, which led to the achievement of several goals. Also, since the American Sportscopter Ultrasport 254 helicopter has small dimensions and good aerodynamic performance, it was possible to significantly increase the controllability of the aircraft and provide the aircraft with a high level of maneuverability, which is an integral property of almost every sports aircraft.

The helicopter model American Sportscopter Ultrasport 254 underwent the first test flight tests in July 1993, and, thanks to the successful completion of all tests, the project was almost immediately sent to mass production, where it was initially in release in a fully assembled state, after which it became to be produced as kits for self-assembly by future owners.

The cabin of the American Sportscopter Ultrasport 254 helicopter has a fairly compact size that allows you to accommodate only one pilot on board. The lack of free space does not provide the ability to use this aircraft to transport any cargo. Nevertheless, the aircraft has established itself as a private helicopter, where it continues to be actively operated to this day.

The helicopter of the American Sportscopter Ultrasport 254 model is equipped with a piston-type power unit, which consists of one two-cylinder aircraft engine of the Hirth 2703 brand, which has a thrust of 55 hp. The relatively low-power propulsion system allows the aircraft to accelerate to a maximum flight speed of 110 km \ h. However, the flight range is limited to a distance of 125 kilometers.

Over the entire production period, 16 aircraft of this model were built.


  • Crew: 1 person;
  • Length: 5.92 m.;
  • Height: 2.08 m.;
  • The diameter of the rotor: 6.4 m.;
  • Empty helicopter mass: 115 kg .;
  • Maximum take-off weight: 240 kg .;
  • Cruising speed: 100 km \ h.;
  • Maximum flight speed: 110 km \ h.;
  • Maximum flight range: 125 km .;
  • Maximum flight height: 3100 m.;
  • Powerplant: Hirth 2703;
  • Power: 55 HP
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