American Airlines Aircraft flood with foam

Two American Airlines aircraft were flooded with foam in the hangar as a result of the fire extinguishing system.

Various sources immediately call two possible places of the incident – Dallas / Fort Worth Airport and O’Hara in Chicago.

No smoke or flame is visible on the published videos, which may indicate an erroneous operation of the security system.

A similar incident due to a malfunction occurred in early May in the hangar at Heathrow Airport. There, the foam spilled onto a maintenance Boeing 777 British Airways.

In modern hangars, fire extinguishing systems are installed that spray foam from different points. In the video below you can see the tests of the fire extinguishing system in the hangar of the Canadian airline WestJet at Calgary airport.

This technology allows you to quickly extinguish the flame and minimize damage in case of ignition. However, in the event of a false positive, a thorough check of the aircraft systems is required, where foam can get, for example, landing gear niches and engines.

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