Alanya Gazipasa Airport

Alanya Gazipasa International Airport is a major air harbor serving annually about one million passengers. Due to its convenient location to the main resorts of Turkey, Alanya Gazipasa International Airport is quite popular and has not stopped growing since 2012.


Alanya Gazipasa Airport is a relatively young air harbor since the first aircraft was accepted here in 1999, however, for almost 10 years, the air harbor was not operated, and only in 2009, air carriers began to fly here.

Due to the increase in the runway, starting in 2013, the airport began to serve passenger airliners carrying up to 150-170 passengers, which in turn turned out to be very promising, and back in 2012 the volume of passengers served was only 79 thousand 740 people, then in 2015, this figure reached 915 thousand passengers.

The international air harbor has at its disposal one runway with a length of 2500 meters, with a concrete coating, which allows you to receive aircraft 3-4 classes.

In addition to runways, there are also several helipads on the territory of Alanya Gazipasa International Airport, which allows you to receive all helicopters without exception.

In perspectives, the possibility of building another extended runway is being considered, however, this will primarily depend on the volume of passengers served.


Despite the fact that Alanya Airport annually serves about one million passengers, moreover, it is international flights that account for the largest volume, the air harbor infrastructure is poorly developed, in particular, the airport has:

  • ATM, payment terminals and currency exchange;
  • Ticket sales offices;
  • Departure lounge
  • A place for storage and packaging of luggage;
  • Retail stores;
  • A cafe;
  • Car parking;
  • Taxi rank

The greatest inconvenience is caused by the fact that there is no hotel on the territory of the air harbor, while the nearest places of temporary stay are located 45 kilometers away.

Getting to Alanya Gazipasa International Airport is very problematic, due to the great remoteness of the air harbor from the city, while you can either use the services of private carriers and taxis or resort to using regular buses.

Basic data

  • Airport Country: Turkey
  • The international airport that serves the resort of Alanya and the Gazipasa region in southern Turkey.
  • Year established Airport: 2010.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 3 / + 2.
  • Latitude 36.3, longitude 32.3.
  • The number of airport terminals: 1.

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