Airbus switched to remote delivery of aircraft

Airbus switched to remote delivery of aircraft to e-delivery customers, changing the three main components of this process.

Now, at the first stage, the airline does not accept the new airliner on its own but delegates this to the manufacturer or organization that carries out maintenance and repair. The stage includes technical checks, test flight, and obtaining technical documentation for the machine.

The following is the documentation of the transfer. As part of remote delivery, documents are electronically signed through the e-SalesContracts platform. Airbus notes that technology allows you to safely and efficiently exchange documents and edits in real-time.

After the aircraft has been documented with the airline, the third stage begins – preparation for the ferry flight. It can be performed by both airline pilots and third-party representatives selected by the customer. Before departing from the factory to the base, the new aircraft is disinfected.

Currently, Airbus has delivered three aircraft via remote delivery. They all went to Turkey with Pegasus Airlines.

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