Airbus can sue airlines for refusing to pick up aircraft

Airbus may sue airlines for refusing to pick up the ordered planes, however, this will be the last resort.

“We always try to find different solutions before going to court. But when airlines completely refuse their obligations, and do not offer anything better than nothing, or do not want to do it, then the court remains, ”said Airbus CEO Guillaume Fori in an interview with Politico.

According to him, at the height of the crisis, air carriers simply stopped responding to the manufacturer’s calls because they did not know what to say.

“They made obligations to us, we made obligations to our suppliers because of the availability of contracts with airlines,” Fori explained his position.

However, Airbus now expects to find a compromise with the airlines, as it believes that the worst is over.

One of such solution could be the early withdrawal of old aircraft from the fleet and their replacement with new, more economical airliners.

To implement this idea, Airbus expects financial support and subsidies from the EU authorities. An example is France, where the state allocated Air France € 7 billion in financial assistance, some of that will be used to finance new Airbus aircraft.

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