Airbus ACJ320neo

Airbus ACJ320neo is the family of advanced Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) versions of Airbus Corporate Jets. The abbreviation “neo” means “New Engine Option”, that is, “New engine option.”

Among the distinguishing features of the ACJ320neo from the basic version is the presence of additional fuel tanks in the cargo compartment. The ACJ320neo family variants differ from their airliners, including the lower cabin height, ladders, and cargo hold, which is reinforced to transport additional central fuel tanks.

The aircraft is equipped with the latest engines (LEAP-1A from CFM or PW1100G from Pratt & Whitney) and wingtips with Sharklets, as well as a more spacious and quieter cabin. ACJ320neo reduces fuel consumption by 15-20%, as well as increased range and payload. Also, these aircraft have lower operating costs throughout their entire life cycle, which provides operators with additional benefits.

The ACJ320neo model is capable of carrying 25 passengers at a distance of up to 11 thousand km (maximum range with 8 passengers). This allows the aircraft to fly without a break for 13 hours, which is enough for a flight from Los Angeles to Moscow or from London to Beijing.

Because the wide-body airframe is the same as commercial Airbus aircraft, the ACJ320neo is 65 percent wider than a typical business jet. Together with domed ceilings, the cabin height is 20 percent higher, which is three times more space in the cabin than competitors.

Based on customer preferences and current trends in interior design, Airbus Corporate Jets introduced a new ACJ320neo interior design concept called Melody. The streamlined lines of this cabin emphasize space and give passengers freedom of movement on the plane. According to Sylvan Maria, the head of the Airbus Corporate Jet Center design studio, the Melody concept is inspired by natural forms, including hilly horizons, winding rivers, and dunes. The interior design is made in soothing colors, the emphasis is on beige, white, green, and gray shades, which are most often found in nature. When decorating the Melody salon, interior items made of lightweight composite materials are actively used.

The salon is divided into several zones that are conditional due to smooth lines and a sense of open space. In the bow, there is a living room with a home theater with a 65-inch widescreen that repeats the bending of the wall. High-quality audio equipment developed in collaboration with Focal, a specialist in audio equipment, gives you the feeling of being in a real movie theater. In the central part of the cabin, there is a dining area and space for meetings and negotiations. It can comfortably accommodate up to six people.

In the rear part, there is a bedroom with a double bed, a sofa, and access to its shower room. If necessary, all zones can be completely isolated from each other.

The ACJ concept takes into account the views of the crew. As a result, the kitchen has become more practical, larger than usual, and with a more open layout. The kitchen received an ideal workspace for the on-board chef, for example, it has enough space for storing equipment, dishes, and kitchen utensils.


  • Modification: ACJ320neo
  • Wingspan, m: 35.80
  • Aircraft Length, m: 37.57
  • The height of the aircraft, m: 11.76
  • Wing Area, m2: 96.00
  • Weight kg: maximum take-off 79,000
  • Fuel, l: 34351
  • Engine type: 2 turbofan engines CFM International LEAP-1A
  • Rod, kN: 2 x 120.6
  • Maximum speed, km / h: 871
  • Cruising speed, km / h: 833
  • Practical range, km: 11100
  • Practical ceiling, m: 12500
  • Crew: 2
  • Payload: max. 25 passengers.
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