Airbus A340-8000

The A340-8000 is a long-range passenger aircraft developed by the Airbus West European consortium. In June 1995, during the next international aerospace exhibition in Paris, the Airbus Industry consortium announced plans to develop a new modification of the A340-200, capable of non-stop flights on routes over 14,000 km long. In confirmation of the possibility of implementing such an idea on an A340-200 aircraft, the around-the-world flight was made on the route Paris – Auckland (New Zealand) – Paris with one landing in Auckland.

The new modification, which has received the designation A340-8000 (also has the designation A340-200HGW), differs from the A340-200 aircraft by the presence of three additional fuel tanks in the tail cargo compartment. Until now, the Airbus Industry consortium has not officially announced the launch of the A340-8000 aircraft program, although it has repeatedly confirmed that development is ongoing. The appearance of the aircraft in operation was expected in 2000. The aircraft is equipped with a digital avionics system EFIS, similar to the A320 complex. The aircraft uses CFM CFM International CFM56-5С2 (thrust 14160 kg/f), CFM56-5С3 (14755 kg/f) and CFM56-5С4 (15435 kg/f).


  • Modification: A340-8000
  • Wingspan, m: 60.30
  • Aircraft Length, m: 59.39
  • The height of the aircraft, m: 16.74
  • Wing Area, m2: 363.10
  • Weight kg: empty loaded aircraft 128300; maximum take-off 275,000
  • Engine type: 4 turbofan engines CFM International CFM56-5С4
  • Thrust, kg/f: 4 x 15435
  • Maximum speed, km / h: 965
  • Cruising speed, km / h: 915
  • Practical range, km: 14800
  • Practical ceiling, m: 12000
  • Crew: 2
  • Payload: 263 passengers in two-class cabins or 303 passengers in economy class or 44,600 kg of cargo (26 LD3 freight containers can be transported).
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